Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Royal China Restaurant Kota Kinabalu

Royal China Restaurant is located at D'Junction Building at Penampang Lido area. That building also housed a thai massage centre, an indian restaurant, a korean restaurant, a bistro cafe and the Jackpot or one hand bandit outlet.

Dim Sum...Yummmmmy...Look at the meatball picture...on the far top is a plate of pickled peanuts. Huge ones...very tasty


Specially fried on the spot belacan vege. Most of my colleague says it tasted too salty. For me, it was nice and I had a whole lot of helping of it.

Sorry this picture was not clear enough. Hand was too shaky when I took it. Its kailan. The kailan leaves were chopped finely and deep fried in oil. They top it up with fried tiny shrimp.

This dim sum is unique due to the soup that it contain inside the dumpling. To eat it you must carefully place the dumpling into the spoon then slowly tear the skin and drink up the soup first.

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